Tempo’s Unique LED Lighting Products Promote Sustainability

June 08, 2020

LED lighting is proving its worth by saving energy and utility costs all over the world. In addition, there are many ways that light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are proving less harmful and more ecologically sound. Tempo aids this effort by designing products with modular solutions in mind for greater sustainability.

Modular Solutions

At the forefront of Tempo’s efforts is what we refer to as making our products, “micro-maintainable.” Tempo’s products are designed to be easily maintained in the field. For example, if another brand of LED luminaire breaks down the entire fixture will need to be removed, either sent back to the manufacturer or thrown out, and then replaced. This creates disruptions in the field and more single-use waste that is not ideal for our environment. With Tempo products, the entire fixture does not have to be removed. Instead, components like the lenses, LED circuit boards, LED drivers and other parts can be replaced right there in the field. By making our product more modular, we guarantee minimal in-field disruptions and are able to reduce waste. Unlike other manufacturers, we support and encourage our customers to maintain Tempo products in the field to promote their longevity.

Going Green with LEDs

As a company that sources most of our materials locally to our manufacturing plant in California, the harmful carbon emissions released into the atmosphere caused by transporting products from abroad is greatly reduced.

Additionally, there are numerous environmental benefits attained by using LED lighting. Here are just a few:

  • Waste Reduction
  • Recyclability
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • No Harmful Materials

Tempo’s Modular Designs Increase Sustainability

All lighting fixtures eventually require replacement. Although many manufacturers promote that their LED lighting fixtures are recyclable, the process for doing so can be cumbersome to their clients. LED fixtures cannot be simply thrown into a recycle bin due to the many different materials involved. In fact, disassembling is required in order to allow the components to fit into proper recycling categories. Tempo understands this challenge and eases the potential burden of ecological responsibility by offering products that do not require large removals of lighting products.

Instead, Tempo’s products are designed to last longer and are easily maintainable in the field to increase the lifespan further.