• LED Linear Ambient Lighting, Integral Power System

  • LED Linear Ambient Lighting, Integral Power System

  • LED Linear Ambient Lighting, Integral Power System

  • LED Linear Ambient Lighting, Integral Power System

Delivering the First Level of Light from a Cove Fixture

This next-generation LED linear lighting system is so powerful it delivers the primary layer of general illumination – from an architectural cove. It accomplishes this by capitalizing on the directionality of LED’s while leveraging a sophisticated optic in conjunction with Micro-reflectors to direct the light out of the cove and across the ceiling. Over 85% of the LED light emanates from the cove and provides better quality, more visually comfortable light than downlights or troffers. And, when used with a high Light Reflectance Value (LRV) paint on the ceiling, the effect is enhanced even more. The result is luminous indirect illumination with no glare or shadows.

This intuitive lighting solution is ideal for new construction or existing (retrofit) coves. It is easy to install because it mounts on the wall and aligns with the top edge of the cove eliminating the need for in-field aiming or adjusting. The system effortlessly adapts to any cove length with telescoping spacers between modules.

pr1meFX can be integrated with Tempo’s Aluminum Cove System to provide the primary level of light to a space.



  • Sections are available in one foot increments from two foot to six foot sections
  • Telescoping spacers and tool-less tabs adapt luminaires to fit any cove length
  • The sections are set into the wall bracket and snapped firmly into place
  • LED module attached to a die-cast heat sink
  • Light engine module is easily replaceable
  • Quick-disconnect from the raceway system
  • Male and female power connectors at either end of sections


  • Molded polycarbonate lens
  • Metalized micro-reflector produces uniform ceiling wash

power system

  • 120V input, integral driverless technology – no external drivers required.
  • 5 watt or 8 watt per foot Micro-Drive system
  • ELV dimming to 5%
    – See Dimmer Compatibility document for approved dimmers.


  • Nominal 477-712 delivered lumens per foot
  • Operating temperature range of -20ºC to 50ºC
  • Rated for a minimum of 86,000 hours (L85) at 25⁰c ambient operating temperature
  • Power supply total harmonic distortion <20% and Power factor >0.9

light characteristics

  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K Color Temperature options
  • 80+  Color Rendering Index (CRI) with an R9>0
  • Color variations held to within a 2-Step McAdam ellipse


  • 5-year limited warranty

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