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Tempo Offers Tailor-Made Lighting Solution with Flexibility from pr1meFX

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Newport Beach, CA

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October 15, 2019

Architects H. Hendy Associates redesigned one of the most iconic building structures on the Balboa Peninsula of Newport Beach, California, near the Lido Marina Village. Their client wanted an industrial look that incorporated local charm from its history as a previous bank, (complete with vault still intact) and also its direct access to the local marina and Newport Bay. The SAP Innovation Center is home to Southern Californian designers, engineers and developers; while HanaHaus serves as a modern entrepreneurial hub, open to the public, that cultivates the coworking experience of these thinkers, doers, changemakers, innovators and investors.

“Our workspaces are designed to foster collaboration, promote learning, and nurture a strong sense of community…HanaHaus features myriad indoor and outdoor workspaces infused with the latest technology and functional design,” details the HanaHaus website.

It was this free-flowing, contemporary design aspect that led StudioK1, the lighting design firm tasked to light
this unique space, to seek out Tempo’s assistance with a problematic lighting request. The catch was that the
location had open cement “waffle” ceilings and exposed wiring which was part of the industrial look. Coves could not be built as they would detract from the architecture; typical line-voltage linear lighting fixtures were too bulky to light up the small crevices in the ceiling. The lighting fixture needed to be slim and easy to hide, and could not compromise architectural design.

Tempo knew they had the solution already available with their pr1meFX product which features a slim, surface
mount design with ceiling wash optics to provide indirect light. However; their pr1meFX product is designed to mount
behind a cove, so Tempo’s design team worked with StudioK1 to tailor a constructive solution for this unique application. Slim, stamped metal shields were provided by Tempo to conceal the pr1meFX fixtures, without compromising the architectural vision of the designers. These shields allowed the light fixtures to blend seamlessly into the cement ceiling
and provide glare protection without altering the throw of light across the ceiling crevices.

In addition, being that Tempo manufactures their products in Irvine, California, overseas delays were of no consequence. What’s more, in providing the tailor-made solution, Tempo was able to further incorporate the community by contracting with local artisans to stamp the metal shields.

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  • A Tailor-Made Lighting Solution

    Tempo's pr1mfFX provides illumination to a unique environment

  • A Tailor-Made Lighting Solution

    Tempo's pr1mfFX provides illumination to a unique environment

  • A Tailor-Made Lighting Solution

    Tempo's pr1mfFX provides illumination to a unique environment