Sunburst Sconce

  • Configurable LED Sconce, Integral Power Supply

  • Configurable LED Sconce, Integral Power Supply

  • Configurable LED Sconce, Integral Power Supply

  • Configurable LED Sconce, Integral Power Supply

LED Sconce

A dynamic sconce design. The Sunburst Sconce utilizes LED arrays to create a unique aesthetic complement for auditoriums and other rooms. The central face and perimeter “rays” are dimmable, allowing the light be tailored from ambient to high-level room illumination.


  • Circular front lens backlit with LEDs arranged for smooth/even light.
  • Perimeter LED array consists of 3” modules and shields designed to create a “burst” pattern of light.
  • A patented two-piece construction simplifies installation. The 2” or 3” offset mounting bracket is installed and wired during rough-in (j-box optional). During the finishing phase, the lighting fixture is hooked onto the mounting bracket, aligning the pins to complete the electrical connection.
  • Housing: Aluminum spinning with white inside. Black outside.
  • Ring is powder coated in Black housing.


  • Select an image or pattern to be printed on vinyl and smoothly adhered to the smooth white diffuser for a truly custom look (VA). Standard vinyl on acrylic options include White Marble (WM) , Blue Marble (BM), Amber Swirl (AS) and Yellow Linen (YL).
  • Contact Tempo for additional diffuser options or trim features.

power system

  • 120V Integral Driver
  • Remote driver available
  • Triac dimming


  • Power levels, nominal 26W on perimeter and 4W on inner. Delivered lumens are dependent on the configured diffuser
  • Lumen maintenance is greater than 85% at 86,000 hours for all product configurations (L85 at 86,000 hrs)
  • Power Supply Total Harmonic Distortion <20%, Power Factor >0.9

light characteristics

  • Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K color temperature and Red, Green, Blue or Amber. The perimeter modules may be specified with a different color or color temperature than the central face light.


  • Tempo provides a 5 year limited warranty. A 10 year limited warranty will apply when installed by a Tempo Certified Installer.