• Continuous Line of Light LED Accent Lighting System

  • Continuous Line of Light LED Accent Lighting System

  • Continuous Line of Light LED Accent Lighting System

  • Continuous Line of Light LED Accent Lighting System

LED Linear Accent Lighting

SlotLine is a field configurable, line of light accent lighting system able to go up to 100 feet with a single continuous opal lens. Featuring extruded aluminum mounting channels with trim, no trim or mud-in designs to create a dramatic, continuous line of light in straight, angled or corner applications. Uniform light output is achieved with Tempo designed LED light engines and refractive opal lenses that are both micro-maintainable in the field and can be easily replaced. Two light engines to choose from:

SlotLine – Low power static colors for accent lighting or wayfinding in environments with limited ambient light such as auditoriums and movie theatres.

SlotLine Pro – Higher power version capable of providing architectural accent lighting even in high ambient light areas. Features white light options in 1800K to 4200K plus static colors.

Designed with Tempo’s modular CLiP® (Configurable Lighting Platform) technology, the SlotLine series provides options to suit multiple application requirements.


  • Anodized aluminum mounting channels in 8 foot sections that can be field cut to length as needed
  • Mounting Channel options:
    • Surface
    • Recessed with Trim
    • Recessed without Trim
    • Recessed Mud-In
  • Extruded plastic light engine housing snaps into mounting channel – no screws or clips
  • Light Engines available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 foot sections plus a field cuttable 9 inch “caboose” light engine that can be trimmed to 6 inch or 3 inch length (PRO model only).


  • Flexible opal lens
  • Produces a smooth and seamless line of light up to 100 feet long
  • UV resistant, will not fade or discolor over time

power system

  • Remote Class II low voltage 24VDC power supply
  • Triac, 0-10V & DMX dimming


  • SlotLine: 1W/ft and 2W/ft options
  • SlotLine Pro: 2W/ft and 4W/ft options
  • Dense pack LED spacing for high uniformity illumination between modules
  • 86,000 hours (L85) at 25°C ambient operation temperature

light characteristics

  • SlotLine: Static Red, Green, Lime Green, Blue, Amber and Orange
  • SlotLine Pro: Static 1800K, 2000K, 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4200K, Red, Green, Blue and Amber
  • Typical CRI of 80+
  • 2-step MacAdam ellipse


  • 5-year limited warranty