Writers Theatre | Glencoe, IL

New Chicago performance venue features Tempo lighting in front and back of the house applications.

Type of Lighting

Theatre & Architectural


Glencoe, IL


June 21, 2016

Theatre company, Writers Theatre, recently opened their new performance venue in Glencoe, Illinois. Studio Gang Architects conceived a modernistic structure with direct access to the outdoors and views of adjacent parks. Lightswitch Architectural designed the architectural lighting and controls for the center to enhance the unique architectural elements and minimize guest distraction.

Tempo designed and manufactured square Supplemental Rail Lights to illuminate the stairways within each of the two theatres. Oppositely canted LED boards provide a symmetric and wide distribution of light across the stairs to meet both IESNA recommendations and local code requirements for egress pathway lighting.  Integrated baffles provide additional directional control and light shielding.

Illuminating the back-of-house spaces such at catwalks and side stage, Tempo furnished dual circuit C7R and C4R LED linear lighting. Alternating modules of blue LEDs and 3000K white LEDs comprise the linear runs. The blue LED circuit provides discrete running lights during productions and the white LED circuit delivers general illumination for everyday.

  • Alexandria C and John D Nichols Theatre

    Supplemental Rail Light

  • Gillian Theatre

    Supplemental Rail Light

  • Supplemental Rail Light

    Custom square profile

  • C7R Backstage

    Configured with alternating modules of blue LEDs and white LEDs