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The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum was recently gifted a brand-new, 250-seat auditorium from Cinemark Theatres. Included in the state-of-the-art theater is a wall-to-wall, 50-foot curved screen that plays footage of Holocaust survivors’ testimonies on a continuous loop, which led to Tempo, LLC’s involvement with the project.

“Safety was a concern due to the continuous playback of the film. We needed a safety lighting system that would allow visitors to walk easily in and out of the auditorium in a dimly-lit setting,” said Chris Kelley, PR Consultant for the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum (DHHRM).

To address these safety concerns, Tempo, LLC was proud to donate theatre and safety lighting products for the construction of the new, XD auditorium. Items used include:

SWIII Wall Light and LPS Low-Profile Step Nose System
The wall light and step nose system work together to provide step delineation and illumination of the carpet row markers on step landings.

Round Seat Lights
Additional illumination is provided to the steps from the seats as well as for landing areas from the ends of the walls at the base of the stairs.

Sentinel Post Lights
Aisle illumination is provided by Sentinel Post Lights from their installation locations at the risers behind rows of seats.

Vanguard Flush Raceway
Handicap seating areas are indicated by the illuminated markers provided by the Vanguard Flush Raceway.

In addition to showing films, the Cinemark Theater hosts the DHHRM’s Upstander speaker sessions, and other civil discourse presentations to promote education and tolerance initiatives. The Cinemark Theatre is also ADA accessible. For more information and to see additional photos, visit www.dhhrm.org.

  • Full Theatre Featuring Safety Lighting Solutions

  • SWIII Wall Light and LPS System

  • RSL - Round Seat Light End Wall Illumination

  • Sentinel Post Light Pictured with RSL and Vertical Light

  • Vanguard Flush Raceway Wheelchair Section Marker